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byt3d Development Setup Guide

The following document is intended as a 'quick and easy' guide to setting up and running byt3d on Windows

Windows Setup

The setup described has a number of requirements. Only the supported applications and runtime environments are supported in this guide - for other IDE's and environments I have no time yet to develop documents for them.


  • Modern version of windows - preferably Win7 + 64bit. However WinXP/WinVista and 32bit are supported (see notes) and an internet connection
  • JetBrains Brilliant IntelliJ IDEA IDE -
Get the community free edition -


Follow this order of installation - this is important or you may not be able to import the byt3d project.
  1. Install the appropriate Mercurial package onto Windows. Will vary depending on 32/64 bit and OS version.
  1. Install IntelliJ IDEA and follow the install instructions.
  2. Once installed, run IntelliJ IDEA and you will see a series of options. Choose Configuration.
  3. In the configuration window choose 'plugins' and then "browse repositories"
  4. In the browse repositories list select the Lua plugin. V1.0a51 is my current install.
  5. Double click the Lua plugin and answer "yes" to the "Download and Install" popup window.

The IntelliJ IDEA will download and then install the Lua plugin - this may need to restart the IDE.
  1. Note: Check the plugin list and make sure that "hg4idea" is in the list (it should be bundled).

Cloning byt3d

If you already have a clone of byt3d on your drive then go to the next section "Import byt3d",
  1. Start the IntelliJ IDE and create an empty Lua project.
  2. Select the menu VCS->Checkout from version control->Mecurial
  3. Enter the repository address:
  4. Enter where your project will be cloned.
  5. Enter a project name - preferably byt3d.
  6. Press the "Clone" button.

The project will be cloned to your local drive and setup a project with the byt3d hierarchy. Go to the "Running byt3d" section for the next step.

Importing byt3d

If you already have byt3d cloned to your machine in a folder, then you can use the next few steps to import into the project.
  1. Select the menu File -> Import Project
  2. Choose the byt3d folder to import (this should contain Documents and LuJIT folders).
  3. Select OK button.
  4. Choose "Create Project from existing sources"
  5. Select the Next button.

The project will import and will now be available in your project hierarchy.

Running byt3d

To setup to run byt3d you must use the execution LuaJIT.exe file to allow it to correctly operate. The following steps setup the environment for execution.
  1. Choose the menu Run -> Edit Configurations.
  2. Select "Lua Script" on the left hand list and press the green '+' symbol to create a new Lua Script configuration.
  3. Fill out Script Name - select the file "byt3d_main.lua" in the LuaJIT/byt3d folder.
  4. Untick "Use Module SDK". Browse to the executable "LuaJIT/bin/Windows/x64/luajit.exe"
Note: If you have a 32bit Windows OS then select the "LuaJIT/bin/Windows/x86/luajit.exe" file.
  1. Set the Working directory to the "LuaJIT" folder.
  2. Press the Apply button and then the OK button.

Now you can run byt3d .. press the run arrow and see the magic ! :)
Please feel free to comment / email me if you have problems.

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