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Nov 11, 2012 at 5:34 AM

Project Changes... 

byt3d has been through ongoing changes.. while I have been developing prototypes for how the systems will run on other platforms via LuaJIT, I have developed user interfaces and happily run in OpenGLES and LuaJIT. Now, I am re-designing the way development will continue, and effectively scrapping some of the original ideas. I'll be leaving the original C# code in the repo if people want it, but the aim now is to move to a completely LuaJIT driven system.

Design and the Internet

The original Design I still like and may one day revisit building a C# oriented system. But a few very important features have been developed and discovered while using LuaJIT. Firstly I have to at least acknowledge and thank whole-heartedly to the brilliant Mike Pall, maker of LuaJIT. This toolkit with ffi, bitop and a myriad of other libs have really changed my entire way of code development.

No more application deploy. LuaJIT has made it possible to develop a server based system and an application framework that means I can deploy any app at any time to any device.. sound mad/crazy/nuts? Well it is kind of but its also the type of thing that means no more needing 'updates' or patches - the client requests the game/app they have paid to play/use and it is sent to them live first time, and everytime a patch or new version is released it will auto-fetch the new one without the user needing any help - bytecode is bytecode :)

Also, consider this scenario. Game company X.. makes a new game.. say Unhappy Emu's.. and its an exciting game but it would be great to have some minigames, or maybe allow users to play _into_ another entirely new game product Slightly Annoyed Penguins. With the LuaJIT deployed byte code system you simply add that into the next 'level' or the next 'button function' they run. It can be entirely dynamically linked... you could even chain minigames together..  without having to build one big app to contain them.

Anyway.. there will be design docs coming.. to cover this new setup. New code.. coming too.. and even better.. a couple of little games that are underway using this new setup. My goal is to get one of the games ready by Xmas.. but that is likely to fall by the way because the framework needs a good amount of testing and finishing the "missing bits". 

From here.. a LuaJIT based WSE will be built - so its then it will generate direct LuaJIT deployable bytecode (specially signed too). Oh, thats one other rather large benefit. No more platform targeting - the client buys/installs the framework and from then on all coding is platform agnostic (OSX, Win, Linux, Android, IOS and tuns more). Also, all developers will benefit from all installed customer clients. Its likely there will be some hook up with some store system to cater for this system.

Anyway.. lots to do. Back soon.. keep an eye on the source.. its coming soon.



Oh.. btw.. some screenies.. of what is underway.. :)

Project Description
A lightweight modern OpenGLES 3D rendering and game system for the development of game and sim related applications - byt3d because its Small and Simple.

Note: All art work is copyright by Brendan McKeown. Use of his artwork is not allowed outside of this project without the author's consent.